🌶 Anand Poolla


Welcome to my sandbox...

I am a software engineer with a love for spicy food and technology. You will find both of them here!

On the technology side, you will soon find a guide below. It will list the steps needed to build this website using the latest in web technologies, for free (except the domain name of course.)

Regarding food, I will be adding tons of recipes to this site. I have two goals in doing this:
  • Showcase my favorite foods and my cooking experiments
  • Capture traditional, home-style recipes of South India that are woefully underrepresented outside


Build this Gatsby website

This guide will be an evolving document as this site evolves; I will try and capture the timeline as I go along. This site is built primarily on these libraries and platforms:
  • Gatsby - scaffolding around React with several useful features and plugins
  • React - single page web application library with component based architecture
  • Node - an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime with a massive library of packages
  • Netlify - hosting service for single page applications that works directly with your repository
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